Caleb Lopez

Customer Service Advocate


Caleb has worked a variety of jobs from sales at L.A Fitness and becoming the number 1 salesman in all of North County, to having a few warehouse gigs as young as 16. He also has worked as a machine operator and was promoted to Quality Control. He worked hard in the Quiverr warehouse and feels blessed and grateful to have a spot in the office with the Qrew.   “I always had a passion for words and literature. I enjoyed reading and writing poetry in between my classes. My mind would wander and think of ideas and word schemes that I had to write down before I lost it amongst many other thoughts. My teacher caught me writing my “thoughts” and allowed me to finish and turn it in as an assignment. I scored the highest grade in my class due to my punctuality, creativity, metaphors and puns. It was the greatest feeling to have my teachers at one point say I was wasting time to switch up and praise my writing.”